Confrontation, Fear, Evolution, Effort, Swimming

Confrontation, Fear, Evolution, Effort, Swimming What a month April has been…. So many things happened.  So fast. Didn’t even realize month came to its end until this morning.  And with that thought, came the realization I wanted to write my monthly post Confrontation & Fear The month was so full I vaguely remember the intense … Continue reading Confrontation, Fear, Evolution, Effort, Swimming


the sun rises and shines again

the sun rises and shines again in all different kinds & forms this is a mid-february 8:30am winter sun the sea was calm and as the photo depicts, this “post-apocalyptic” spooky sunny feeling was in the air it was a beautiful day, or so my training diary says.  can’t really remember. can’t remember the specific … Continue reading the sun rises and shines again

how it should be… it could be… it would be nice to be…..

the nice house

and you walk on the small side streets……trying to calm down….to escape….to understand what the fuck is happening…. this is not the neighbourhood you grew up…. not the neighbourhood you were wandering around with your friends as kids…. with your bicycles, cycling aimlessly but with effort, with vigour, going up & down the hills, sweating, … Continue reading how it should be… it could be… it would be nice to be…..

Mental health awareness day 2018 — lifecanbebeautiful

🧡 It’s okay not to be okay 🧡 💜 It’s time to talk 💜 How I describe my depression- my story Invisible I never had an “invisible friend” when I was a child. At the beginning of my teenage years though I developed an “invisible enemy” and to this day I still have it. Just … Continue reading Mental health awareness day 2018 — lifecanbebeautiful

and the mind drifts

and the mind drifts…gets lost…gets upset…. gets depressed…and doesn’t understand why… or perhaps it does. Another month gone.  Another month passed by.  My brain, my emotions, all feeling disappointed.  Dissatisfied.  Feeling another month went by without achieving anything remarkable, without “enjoying life” (what does it actually means, “enjoy life” makes me wonder) …. Reality is … Continue reading and the mind drifts